Sunglass Trends | TheAspecs

Posted by Nadeem Ali

girl holding up flowers looking back at camera with her sunglasses on. 

Sunglasses have reached new heights as a fashionable wardrobe component.

In a world where privacy is under constant redefinement and – some say —relentless attack, sunglass designers have responded with a spectacular range of privacy-protection. Fashion-forward decisions can include very precise degrees of exposure to the world, from the impenetrable mirrored shields of Ic! Berlin (“Arnouxstrabe”) to the playful gradients of Linda Farrow (“Luxe Aviator”) and Blinde (“I Want Candy”).

Just as body-tone and physical strength have become essential components of beauty and health, sunglasses that meet the high-performance needs of athletes and sports-lovers have risen in prominence. Iridium lenses give Oakley glasses a distinctive aura, reminding purchasers of the company’s dual dedication to science and design. The lifestyle span of their products extends from traditional auto-racing (“Heritage Racing Jacket”) to newer urban sports like skateboarding (“Garage Rock”). For an even-longer endorsement of the dual goals of performance and fine design, explore the offerings of Persol (“649” and “714”), which has been outfitting professional pilots and drivers since 1917.  For specific issues of glare, Vuarnet (“VL 1121”) and Costa del Mar (“Caballito”) blend science and design to produce handsome glasses with superb eye-protection. Luxury eyewear has become a lifestyle tool for active, action-loving consumers.

The frequent fashion uses of sunglass eyewear throughout the Spring shows in Europe and New York sets new standards for sunglasses as a major fashion accessory.

In show after show, clear and tinted eyeglasses were major components of an overall look. Except for a few glamlusters, the days of buy-buy-buy-bang-and-clatter fashion are dead. Stunning hair, fabulous fabric and some spectacular accessories characterize the look of the 20th century. Fashion sunglasses add color and contours, replacing fussy jewelry and too many wraps. Shoes, bag, dress and glasses are a good-to-go combination quickly assembled and easily worn in a wide range of situations and settings.


Woman with a bold scarf and lipstick sporting designer sunglasses.

Fun colors and gradient lenses permit close eye-contact and clear views of wearers. Color can be either a frame component or a distinctive lens.  For both men and women, Alain Mikli concentrates on frame materials (“AL1237 Crystal Cube”) while Oliver Peoples surrounds a rainbow of colored lenses with lightweight wire frames (“1005S Aero”). Since frame designs are classic, both designers offer great options to those who are new to adding fashion-statement eyewear to their looks. Ic! Berlin (“Dark Energy Black Electric Violet”) and Retrosuperfuture (“Super AND Primo Reflekt”) open the doors to fun eyewear design for fashion-lovers ready to make bold statements.

To launch a look that is distinctively yours, establish several design constants with a single, major fashion-driven variable. Perhaps the most familiar such decision is the oversized-dark-eye that shouts “Hollywood.” Your own look can be far more well-spoken and subtle. Look across brands to determine a brow-line that really suits your face. Treat yourself to a year of round lenses (geometrics are hot this year) in colors from fuschia to electric blue. Find a frame-weight that balances your features, and wear it in tortoise shell, bone, ebony and the new acetates. Sunglasses are everywhere, and it looks as though in fashion they’re here to stay!