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ic! Berlin Malgorzata Sunglasses Black Obsidian / Black to Green Gradient

ic! berlin


$ 479.00 $ 174.95
ic! berlin eyewear is a luxury product, designed, handcrafted, and hand-finished piece by piece in Berlin Germany. At ic! berlin, in order to guarantee the highest degree of quality, all departments can be found under one roof at the Backfabrik (baking factory). When you hold a pair of ic! berlin glasses in your hands, you can feel why all of this effort is justified: the glasses captivate you with their stability of form and their flexibility. All ic! berlin eyewear frames use a patented hinge design which avoids the use of any screws, welds, or glue in their construction. The combination of materials and manufacturing techniques result in extremely pliable and lightweight frames for maximum wearing comfort. The company has received various awards for their product designs and technological achievements. Their frames are virtually indestructible, and their achievements as an eyewear company are unparalleled.

  • Black Frame Temples & Clamps, Black to Green Gradient Lenses
  • Frame: 136mm; Lens: 55mm; Weight: 17g; Nose: 21mm; Temple: 145mm
  • Nearly Indestructible, Award-Winning, Screwless, Weldless, Glueless Design
  • Designed, Handcrafted, and Hand-finished Piece by Piece in Berlin Germany
  • Crush Proof Screw Case, Documentation & Microfiber Carry Pouch Included
  • SIZE: 55-20-145

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